A well-drafted will allows your beneficiaries to avoid a lengthy and expensive probate process

Oftentimes people do not want to spend the money to consult with an attorney to create a will. However, the probate process—the process through which the court oversees how a person’s assets are distributed to their heirs after they die—is infinitely more complex and expensive when a person dies without a will. Dying intestate (without a valid will) leaves the state in charge of determining the way an estate is distributed. Intestate laws can be very complicated, especially regarding non-traditional families. It is a much better decision to create a will to control where your assets go after your death.

Along with distributing your assets as you see fit, a valid will also enables you to name an executor of your estate, thus eliminating the need for court supervision of the settlement. You can also designate a guardian for your minor children and provide for stepchildren, charities, pets, or friends, none of whom would be otherwise eligible to receive your assets.

How We Can Help

A valid will is one of the most important gifts you can leave to your loved ones. We can explain the intricacies of wills in the state of Washington and help you draft a will that provides peace of mind for both you and your heirs.