Creating legally sound business practices is the cornerstone of avoiding legal issues down the road. 

Business law encompasses a wide variety of legal issues, including intellectual property, tax law, real estate, sales, bankruptcy, and other areas. Business law deals with creating new businesses and the issues that arise as businesses functionally interact with other entities, such as the public, other businesses, and the government. Businesses can be formed as corporations, limited liability companies (LLCs), partnerships, and other specialized entities such as S-corps or limited partnerships. Having an attorney assist in how your business operates from the beginning is key to success in creating legally sound business practices and avoiding or mitigating lawsuits in the future. 

How We Can Help

Are you starting a new business? Forming a partnership? Hiring new employees? Interested in incorporating? We have expertise in a wide variety of business law issues. Baxter Legal Services is particularly adept in business formation and start-up consultation. We will meet with you to review your issues, identify legal considerations, and provide legal advice to help you move forward with your business goals.