Business Law

Business law is a broad category that encompasses transactions between business entities and transactions between a business and its customers. These transactions may include business formation documents, purchase and sale agreements, contracts, negotiable instruments, competition, trade, and other areas. Read More

Commercial Lease Agreements

Considering leasing a commercial space for your business? Let us help you understand the terms of your lease agreement and negotiate the best possible lease for you and your business. Read More

Contract Review & Contract Preparation

Contracts are the basis of almost all transactions in business and day-to-day life. To the untrained eye, contracts can seem overly complicated and difficult to understand. Sometimes contracts can contain clauses that are counterproductive to your best interests. We can help decipher the legal language in a contract, as well as draft and negotiate a legally-sound contract to ensure that your rights and interests are protected. Read More

New Business & Startup Consultation

We LOVE working with new businesses! We provide startup consultation, which helps you get your business started off right.

Estate Planning

An estate plan is a set of essential documents that allow you to distribute your assets the way you see fit. These documents include wills, trusts, pre- and post-marital agreements, and durable power of attorney, among others. Read More


A trust is a legal instrument that holds property on behalf of a beneficiary. Trusts are complex but powerful and versatile estate planning tools. Read More


A will is the cornerstone of an estate plan. It is the document that allows you to ensure your wishes are followed upon your passing. Read More

Power of Attorney (POA)

Powers of Attorney are documents that allow you to authorize a designated individual to stand in your place and make decisions or perform certain actions on your behalf. Read More


Probate is a legally complex process used to distribute the estate of a deceased individual. At Baxter Legal Services, we ensure that this process is handled according to the requirements of Washington state law. Read More