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Who Makes Decisions for Me When I Am Incapacitated?

Power of Attorney, Estate Planning

A living will does not determine who is authorized to make decisions for you when you are unconscious or otherwise incapacitated. In addition to a living will, you should consider having an attorney draft a durable power of attorney for health care, which grants an agent, typically a family member, the authority to make healthcare decisions on your behalf. This form takes effect after you have become incapacitated. It is important to plan for who this agent will be in the event of an emergency or sudden incapacitation.

When a person becomes incapacitated, whether through old age or an unexpected accident, they may not be able to communicate their wishes, which puts their family members in the difficult decision of making healthcare decisions on their behalf. A durable power of attorney for heath care is a great way to prepare for this situation and give yourself and your family peace of mind that your wishes will be respected.

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